Attention Realtors

Your livelihood depends on closing deals. Most often that means your client being able to secure purchase money finance on time, at market rates, with as few hassles as possible. At The Affiliates Group, we have partnered with the largest national wholesale mortgage banker in the country to ensure your transaction flows as smoothly as possible and closes on time.

Partnering with our Wholesale Lender, we have mastered the art of automation. Everything is done via computer, including pre-approval letters, applications, income/asset verification, disclosures and loan documents. Wet signatures are no-longer required on conventional deals.

We no longer require hard verification documents like tax returns, bank statements, W2’s and paystubs. In many cases, based on Loan to Value the lender is accepting PIW’s (Property Inspection Waivers,) instead of a full blown appraiser.

We can comfortably close deals, start to finish in 2 weeks, if everyone hustles.

Here’s our promise. Let us PROVE ourselves and earn your referral business by handling a transaction. Give us the loan, and we’ll show you, not tell you, why we’re good. Your commission is on the line, so is ours, as well as our reputation. Unlike traditional Banks and Credit Unions, even large retail Mortgage Companies, we operate 24/7. That means weekends, holidays, early mornings, and late evenings. That’s how we roll. We work from home, but have access to the slickest office spaces in California, with our partnership with Chicago Title and Escrow.

Give us a shot. We want to earn your referrals. Protect your commissions with a mortgage company who will go in the trenches with you. We get it. We’re commission based, just like you. If a deal doesn’t close, we go hungry. We prefer feast over famine.

The Affiliates Group advantage:

  1. 24/7 pre-approvals. Too bad the Real Estate Business doesn’t work 8-5. Most deals we’re involved with start at weird hours and need assistance RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow morning, not next Monday. We get it, we’re on commission like you. That said, it’s always best to get started in advance so we can issue a legitimate, partially underwritten, pre-approval, with a “DU” stamp attached to it. If time doesn’t allow for that (often the case,) we’ll show you how to get the offer accepted. This involves running credit and issuing our own homespun pre-qual letter, with the caveat that we’re okay with our buyer/borrower cross qualifying with the seller’s lending connection. Once in escrow we can then go to work to get things closed as quickly as possible.
  2. Automated Underwriting, Doc Less processing, No Wet Signatures. The world has changed and we work with the largest Mortgage Banker in the Country; United Wholesale Mortgage, who has literally embraced state of the art technology to include e-sign disclosures and automated paperless income and asset verification. Purchase loans can now literally be closed start to finish in 2 weeks if everyone is on the ball.
  3. Out of The Box Loan Programs. Most deals we do are straightforward, full doc conventional/government loans, however we also represent a variety of alt-products (called non-conforming) that include things like recent Bankruptcies and Bank-Statement income qualifying loans. Trying to fund Commercial, or Land? We have those too.
  4. Reverse Mortgage Experts. These completely revamped loan programs administered by FHA for seniors will be game changers in the years to come as Baby Boomers head into retirement. How? Reverse Mortgages will literally allow seniors to almost double their purchasing capacity by making 50% LTV purchase loans with no monthly mortgage payments for life. Instead of a $350,000 condo where the senior pays cash, they can now potentially go to $700,000 with 50% down, where they’ll never make a house payment as long as they continue to live in the house.

Also consider some specialty loans with your home-buying customers:

1% Down Conventional: Yes, this is true. The 1 percent down program is offered exclusively by our Wholesale Company to its approved brokers. It involves the banker kicking in 2% of the down payment at close. The borrower puts down 1% and the lender puts in 2%. Conditions and restrictions apply, but the program is real and revolutionary.

Reverse Mortgages Used as A Purchase Loan: Reverse Mortgages are available for Seniors 62 and older. Most people don’t realize they can be used as a purchase money tool and not just for refinance. These are great purchase money loans because there is no traditional qualifying required. Reverses are made primarily on equity alone. They might be considered the last of the no-doc loans. Down payments very depending on the county, and age of the borrower, but, as a general rule, they require a 50 percent down payment, and then the borrower doesn’t have a house payment as long as he/she remains on the property. Seniors must still pay the property tax and fire policy and maintain the property in reasonable condition. As more and more Baby Boomers consider retirement, Reverse Mortgages will be an excellent and viable option for seniors, both to supplement their retirement AND/OR help them with the purchase of a home.

Easy Qualify FHA Loans: You’re well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of an FHA loan. Best part about FHA is it allows for much higher debt to income (DTI) ratios, and remember you can have 100% gift funds and non-occupant co-borrowers.

No Down Payment VA Loans: At The Affiliates Group we do VA loans. 100% finance for Veterans with an honorable discharge.

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