Mortgages and the Pajama Work Force

I’d like you to consider an amazing opportunity working from home, never have to get dressed up again, never having someone else dictate your own schedule, and last, making more money than you ever thought possible. No, it’s not Snake Oil, it’s the MONEY BUSINESS, both “Forward” and “Reverse” Mortgages. Many of you know I’m a musician and have a decent band. I also have a day job, and have been at it for almost 33 years. In fact, I couldn’t be the musician I am without my “side” business. I have somewhat refined the art of working at home, on my own terms, in my own space, on the hours of my choosing. No one tells me when to show up, or what my schedule is. The only sales quota I have is the one I set for myself. Mind you, there is plenty of licensing and learning to be had, but you, and you alone, can choose your own destiny. It’s NOT that hard. Trust me.

I can show you how to get it done, how to get licensed and to set up under my own company umbrella license, how to set up your home office and provide you with all the know-how you’ll need. I’ll show you what kind of software you’ll need, and give you access to many glossy, professional marketing tools you can utilize from the comfort of your own home office, dressed in Pajama’s with the Stones blaring in the background. I also partner with Chicago Title (shown in pictures) who does my Escrows and Titles. They pretty much know I work in my pajamas, but it’s nice to use their conference room when needed.

I’ve been at it for 33 years. Recently I took on a young new licensee, who is doing exactly what I’ve described above. Call him Bob. Bob’s first commission (take home) will be approximately $23,800. Bob is 29, a friendly guy, a people person who simply enjoys life. This isn’t some iffy, 50-50 proposition. Bob’s deal is in escrow, appraisal complete, just waiting on some typical details that come with every file. Start to finish will take about 30 days.

Here’s a basic fundamental I learned a long time ago: “People ALWAYS need money.” Sometimes it’s more expensive than others. Sometimes it’s needed urgently, and sometimes it’s needed to simply shore up finances, consolidate debt, or provide a nice cushion for a rainy day. That said, you can begin a career in a few months that will put you in the Mortgage Business. You have an incredible opportunity to make money and HELP people improve their lives. I love working from home. I love deciding my own fate. I love being in a smokin band that would never have been possible without my flexible “day job.” Consider working with me as a licensed loan agent. You’ll never have to get dressed up again. You and you alone will determine your success. Cost to get fully licensed with all the state fees, and courses is around $1,000.

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